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EXPOSED: Investigate ICTSI now

21 augustus 2018

The MUA is demanding government authorities investigate the atrocious global business practices of Filipino multinational port operator ICTSI – who owns and operates Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) at the Port of Melbourne.

Sign the petition calling for immediate Commonwealth and Victorian Government inquiries into VICT Webb Dock contract.
A new ITF report released last week exposes the real ICTSI:

  • A company whose business model is built off exploiting workers and their families;
  • A company who deliberately prioritises working in countries where human and labour rights
    are at their most vulnerable; and
  • A company that partners with corrupt, anti-democratic dictatorships.  

We’re talking about a company unafraid to partner regimes – including Sudan, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo – implicated in crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. These are regimes that have subjected thousands of civilians to acts of murder, rape and torture. Regimes that attack the basis of our own union principles, the right free speech and protest without fear of oppression.

It is a fact that at the time the VICT contract was awarded in Australia, ICTSI was in business with the Government of Sudan while subject to both UN and US sanctions. The President of Sudan is still wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and genocide.

ICTSI’s appalling record shows complete disregard for workers’ dignity, safety and fundamental labour and human rights all over world. And from day one, ICTSI imported its aggressive anti-worker business model that they have run out all over the world, to Australia.

Companies like this have no place in Australian workplaces. Click here to join us in calling for federal and state investigations into how a company with this record was ever considered eligible, let alone selected, to operate the Webb Dock terminal in Melbourne.

We need to ask serious questions about the then Liberal Victorian Government’s due diligence processes when it awarded the contract to ICTSI.

There are also serious concerns over what consideration was given to handing over critical economic infrastructure to a company with a long history of dealing with some of the worst and most dangerous governments in the world, and the subsequent threats to security standards on the Australian waterfront.

The ITF has pulled together a website that documents ICTSI’s atrocious global behaviour: profiting off exploiting workers, crippling communities and supporting dictatorships. Can you take a minute right now and help us expose ICTSI by sharing this with your friends and family?

Thanks for your support comrades.

In solidarity,

Paddy Crumlin
MUA National Secretary