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P&O FERRIES and FNV Havens extend current CBA by 6 months

16 december 2023

Dear members of FNV Havens and international colleagues,

During the ITF Fair Practice Committee in Chile and during the sector council meeting FNV Havens held on Thursday, December 14 last, we discussed at length our plans regarding the upcoming struggle at P&O Ferries. As you know, today was the decisive meetin g between management (with UK management representatives) and FNV Havens. We inform you that today, after intensive discussions, it was decided to extend the current collective agreement, which expires December 31, 2023, by six months. So until June 30, 20 24.

Management P&O Ferries shocked at support for P&O employees.

Management has indicated that it still sees opportunities to come out with us. We have indicated that we are no longer willing to strip our collective bargaining agreement and are sticking to our alternative proposal. No worsening of our collective bargain ing agreement. Management P&O wanted more time and suggested that after the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement, we should remain in discussion above all else. We don't talk if there is no collective bargaining agreement. No CLA means ultimatums and action if necessary. We are ready for that!

FNV Havens prevents hard struggles for now!
Next, FNV Havens has proposed to extend the current CLA by six months to give P&O Ferries management more time to come up with solutions we can agree on. So for now the pressure is off for a while. We thank you for your support and count on it again if it proves necessary. We will also inform our international fellow unions.

We wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful 2024. 

With solidarity,
Niek Stam
Also on behalf of our negotiating team and our members